Virtual shopping

The Future of Retail - Coming 2023

The Korytko Group has founded the Virtual Shopping SAS in Paris to develop the future for local retailers and make online shopping more personal.

Virtual Shopping SAS
50 Avenue Marceau
75008 Paris

Virtual Made Human



Why we have started Virtual Shopping and what its about?

E-Commerce has changed

It’s no secret that the retail industry is in a state of flux. With e-commerce giants like Amazon dominating the online sphere and brick-and-mortar stores struggling to keep up, it’s clear that something needs to change. That’s where live shopping comes in.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how people shop. The rise of e-commerce has changed the retail landscape, giving consumers more choices and convenience than ever before. But as online shopping continues to grow, we’re starting to see a new trend emerge: live shopping.

The Rise of Live-Shopping

Live shopping is a hybrid of e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar shopping, and it’s quickly gaining popularity among consumers. With live shopping, you can browse and purchase items from your favorite retailers without ever having to leave your home. And thanks to advances in technology, you can get personalized recommendations from experts in real-time and get answers to your question with ease.

Live Shopping provides the perfect solution for those who are looking for a more personal shopping experience.

What’s more, live shopping is also changing the way that local retailers do business. By giving them a platform to reach a wider audience, it’s opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion. In short, live shopping is the future of retail — and it’s time for businesses to start taking notice.

This new way of shopping is changing the future of retail, and here’s why:

1. Live shopping is convenient.

One of the biggest advantages of live shopping is that it’s incredibly convenient. With traditional e-commerce, you have to search for products, add them to your cart, and then wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep. But with live shopping, you can browse and purchase items in real-time without ever having to leave your home.

2. Live shopping is personal.

Another big advantage of live shopping is that it’s much more personal than traditional e-commerce. When you’re live shopping, you’re not just buying products from a faceless website — you’re buying them from real people who can offer personalized recommendations and advice. This human element makes the entire experience much more enjoyable and satisfying and it’s reducing unnecessary product returns.

3. Live shopping is interactive.

Another great thing about live shopping is that it’s interactive. With traditional e-commerce, you’re limited to looking at pictures and reading descriptions of products. But with live shopping, you can actually see the products in action and get a feel for how they work and really look like before you make a purchase. This allows you to make more informed decisions about what you buy, which can save you time and money in the long run.

The Problem we saw

We absolutely believe in the power of Live-Shopping, but we saw a lack of having a good and affordable solution all-in-one solution especially for the smallest retailers, who suffered the most under the pandemic and also the actual economy crisis. 

In nearly every existing solution, a retailer needs to have an own online shop to benefit from software who is capable of letting them realize Live-Shopping Events or they are present on marketplaces, on which they need a lot of additional marketing budgets to get attention and visitors.

Our Vision

An all-in-one solution made for local retailers, suitable perfectly even the smallest retailer around the corner.

A marketplace made to discover local retailers all around the country and bring the personal shopping experience at local retailers to the customers home through integrated personal 1:1 Live Shopping and large Live Shopping Shows.

A marketplace which is affordable, transparent and without an advertising model behind – to ensure the equal visibility and reach for everyone.

We bring the personal shopping experience at local retailers to the customers home, or wherever they actually are.

Product Teaser

Let’s have a look a Virtual Shopping and what we have developed and achieved so far with our incredible team:

An Online App-Marketplace for Local Retailers with interactive Live-Shopping 

This is how a 1:1 Live Video Call looks like with interactive elements of looking and buying products directly in a video call wihtout interruptions and the All-in-One Retail software in the background handling all the sales and management part.

The most satisfying Live-Shopping Experience

The Powerful Retailer Software — with real time Analytics, E-Commerce, CRM, CMS, Employee Management, Live Shopping Streaming, Calendar, Shipping and Product Return Management and much more.

This is what can be called the “Netflix of interactive Teleshopping” the Virtual Shopping TV platform for experience Live-Shopping Events from local retailers in an even more convenient way at home.

On the left side you can see another interactive social commerce feature: Our interative “Story and Discovery Section”. On the right you see a live-shopping event, attended by a client directly at the Virtual Shopping App.